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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Delivering Gifts to Moms @ UMMC 24th May 2008

On Saturday 24th May 2008, eight ladies from UmmikuSayang and WENA delivered 50 sets of gifts for the mothers tending to their children at the Pediatric Oncology Ward and PICU at University Malaya Medical Centre in PJ. The gifts were sponsored by members of UmmikuSayang and their friends. It was painful to see the young children suffering yet some managed to put up a smile when we handed them the gifts. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.

A big THANK YOU to all that made the event possible and helped bring some cheer to the mothers this Mother's Day month.

Here are some photos:


Chocolates with personalised wrapper sponsored by CreateMyOwnGift.com. Thank you to Rafiqah Eliza.

PINK Tees socks sponsored by PINK TEES. Thank you to Raja Azam Baeizah.
Floral hand towels bought by UmmikuSayang

TOP: BioCafe from BioSireh. Thanks Elly, (UkS Affiliates)
CENTRE : Natasha Herba Panty Liner. Thanks Linda.
BOTTOM : Shaklee's Energising Soy Protein. Thanks Sh. Raudhah.(UkS Affiliates)

Cupcakes from MamaBakers. Thanks to Siti Aidah
Toner and cleanser from Pn Husna (Bottega Verda) (UkS Affiliates)
Mineral Water from TM. Thanks to Siti Noorliyeanti Khan
TM Tote Bag. Thanks to Sherene Azura Azli
Contours Express Tote Bag. Thanks to Pn Radziah (UkS Affiliates)


BOX1 packed and placed in TM's Bag together with mineral water
BOX2 packed and placed in Contours Express bag.
Gift Boxes supplied by Nadia Loretta.


Kak Siti packing gifts for the nurses.
At the hospital lobby ready to deliver the gifts
At the Oncology Ward
WIth a baby at the Pediatric ward. Heart problems, 2 weeks old
With the caring nurses and officials of the ward and hospital.

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