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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Who Am I : Love & Relationship" Workshop 30th Oct 2010


Why do I feel unloved?
How can I be truly happy?
Are all my relationships working?
I feel suffocated, how do I get out?
How do I energize myself?
How to relate to my children?

Some of us might have 'lost' ourselves due to commitments-Find yourselves back!



  • 30th October 2010 (Saturday); 2;30pm-5:30pm
    ALIMKids Bookshop, 34-2, USJ 9/5Q Subang Business Centre,
    USJ Subang Jaya.

  • Fee: RM50 per pax

  • To register: Call 03-80248664 or email to haniarziana@gmail.com

Payment Method:
Bank in to ALIM Consultancy & Resources
Maybank Acc 562366109428 (On behalf of the organizer Ummiku Sayang)
& email proof of payment to haniarziana@gmail.com

is a catalyst and an enabler for change, driven by the ethos “Staying Conscious” and “I add value”, she has over 16 years' vast experience in the HR field evolving from an HR Consultant to HR Generalist and Business Strategist. Her passion is PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! Her relentless pursuit to advocate engaging and energizing workplace where employees are created opportunities to maximise their best potentials, have landed her in her current entrepreneurial venture where she can “response-able” and reach out to more people than just limiting it to the 26,000 employees of her previous established organization.

Began her career as an HR Consultant with Price Waterhouse, then was headhunted to manage the HR function of a Class A Bumiputra Construction firm. She was again headhunted to set up the Training & Development function for the then Maybanlife Assurance Berhad and is a certified DACUM (Developing A CurriculuM) Assessor. She was subsequently appointed as the Head, Human Performance of the Contact Centre for Maybank Group (MGCC), directing and leading the team, to create positive branding, advocating an engaging and energizing environment, focusing on delivering a best in class customer experience.

Elevated as the Head, Business Strategy & Information Management for Virtual Banking (VB), the non-branch channel of Maybank (internet banking/M2U and contact centre), her role evolved as the traditional HR support to a strategic business partner. She drove the overall planning & strategizing in delivering VB’s vision and mission through innovative and strategic project management/initiatives, optimising on people, process & technology. She was appointed as a Maybank Group's Core Value Champion and Employee Engagement Champion, successfully and pro-actively delivering her role of a catalyst, an enabler and a change agent.

An ardent reader, she is most passionate about continuous learning and self-improvement, and currently in the midst of researching and writing her Who Am I? Book series for all. She believes that humanity is violated as people do not know their true selves, thus treat others not as equals, as people, but merely as objects. And that human have been led astray for the Truth and are not conscious of their actions. This is largely attributed to not knowing our INNERselves leading to the mismanagement and misalignment of the physical vs spiritual , hence give rise to many social ills and values erosion. Having recognised this fundamental gap, she has developed the Who Am I? programme and has successfully conducted over 50 groups. The testimonies of which are nothing short of life-changing. Hence, dedicating and devoting herself to the cause of awakening humanity, awakening the hearts and the SELF within.

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