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Thursday, January 31, 2008

ALIM Kids Playgroup @ UmmikuSayang

We have completed all 6 modules of Level 1 last month for our pioneer batch of toddlers. They will proceed to Level 2 of the playgroup strating 2nd February. Level 2 will have more emphasis on Islamic values such as about the prophets and Islamic manners.

Here are some photos of them in the class:


ila said...

sya nak buka taska dlm hujung thn ni tp masih mencari2 tmpt untuk kursus..umiku syg ada buat kt kursus tu?kalo ada tlg emailkan tarikh kpd sya..thanks

UmmikuSayang said...

Kursus taska kita tak buat, tapi kalau berminat dengan kursus "music & movement" atau playgroup, insya Allah kita ada. Kalau berminat, hantar email ke saya, lily@ummikusayang.com, nanti saya email kan.


Asmahani said...


Can I still register my son for the programme? He will only turn two this Apr. Thanks.

UmmikuSayang said...


Yes you can register your son. We are opening registration for Saturdays 1-2pm session now. We may start in 1st March depending on the numbers of registration. If we can get enough by then, we will start. Otherwise we will start later. Please email me your phone number and child's name.